Man pleads guilty to fatal Illinois drunk driving accident

Despite the public’s awareness of the dangers of drunk driving, people still continue to do it. When one is driving drunk, one’s senses are impaired and it becomes difficult to operate machinery. Impaired driving puts the driver at risk as well as anyone else who crosses the driver’s path. Unfortunately, an Illinois man was killed in a drunk driving accident, and the suspect has pled guilty.

The victim’s vehicle had been disabled due to a minor car accident, and he called the police to the scene. While investigating the wreck, the Illinois State Police Trooper allowed the victim to sit in the backseat of the cruiser while the victim waited for a tow truck. The drunken suspect then slammed into the cruiser, and the impact killed the victim and seriously injured the police officer.

The suspect was administered a sobriety test after the crash, and his blood alcohol content was 0.20, which is over twice the legal limit in Illinois. Investigators also proved that the suspect was talking on his cell phone as well as speeding. The suspect pleaded guilty to aggravated DUI, but his sentencing is not until October.

Even though the suspect will be facing criminal charges for his drunk driving accident, he can also face civil charges. Since the criminal trial has proven that the man is guilty, a personal injury suit is more likely to be upheld. An Illinois personal injury suit can provide compensation for the victim’s family for their pain and suffering due to the loss of a loved one; the trooper may also be eligible for a personal injury suit to help compensate for his medical bills and missed wages.

Source:, “Driver who hit squad car pleads guilty in fatal Addison crash,” Josh Stockinger, July 22, 2013