Man claims rear-ending driver caused motorcycle accident

Accidents between motorcycles and cars often result in severe injuries. Although a helmet can help prevent traumatic brain injuries, a motorcyclist’s body is exposed to the impact of the crash. Spinal injuries and internal trauma are often associated with motorcycle accidents. Illinois readers of this blog may be interested in the alleged suffering of a man after a motorcycle accident in 2012.

The man claimed that he was heading home on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, and when he stopped to enter the driveway of his home, he was allegedly hit by a vehicle that was traveling behind him. As a result of the accident, the motorcyclist sustained severe back and neck injuries. This led to extreme pain, and he maintains that he has lost wages because he was rendered disabled due to his injuries.

The motorcyclist filed a lawsuit against the female driver of the vehicle that rear-ended him, claiming that she caused the accident. His lawsuit alleges that she was not in control of her car and failed to be observant. In addition, he claims that she neglected to reduce speed and maintain a safe following distance.

The injured motorcyclist is seeking damages of over $50,000 in addition to costs. The injuries suffered by this man have likely caused serious financial difficulties for his family. Illinois residents who have suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident retain the right to pursue damages by filing a personal injury claim in a civil court. This can help them to obtain full and fair compensation to cover current and future expenses related to an accident.

Source: The Madison-St.Clair Record, “Motorcyclist claims injuries in Route 162 rear-end accident“, , May 8, 2014