Limo in auto accident kills 1, injures 5 en route to airport

A limo accident on I-90 on a recent Friday morning injured five passengers and took the life of another. An off-duty rescue worker happened to be a few car lengths behind the limo at the time of the auto accident and said it was a violent crash. He ran to help the occupants who were all trapped in the limo and reported that they could only be rescued after the windows were smashed by a hammer.

Although the accident investigation is still ongoing, a preliminary Illinois State Police report suggests the driver was blinded by the sun. This might have caused him to crash the limo into a concrete wall. The vehicle rolled over, trapping the occupants inside.

The six passengers — ranging in age from 45 to 64 — were reportedly on their way to the airport for a vacation when the crash occurred. A 53-year-old woman lost her life, but no information about the injuries to the other five passengers nor the driver was reported. The coroner said results of tests on toxicology samples that were sent to the forensic lab were pending.

The family of the woman who lost her life in this auto accident retains the right to hold the limo driver accountable. Financial relief may be pursued by filing a wrongful death claim in an Illinois civil court. Before the court considers entering a monetary judgment, negligence on the part of the driver will have to be established. Once financial liability is determined, the court will consider all documented claims for financial losses as well as emotional damages sustained.

Source: Algonquin-Lake In The Hills, IL. Patch, “Coroner IDs Woman Killed in I-90 Limo Crash“, Amie Schaenzer, March 28, 2016