Legal help is available for a victim of a drunk driving accident

After suffering injuries or losing a loved one in an auto accident caused by a drunk driver, the victim — or the surviving family of a deceased victim — may choose to seek full accountability from the driver deemed responsible. However, there may be many questions about applicable laws and Illinois court procedures after a drunk driving accident. To provide answers, the attorneys at The Johnston Law Offices PC offer a free consultation.

These Madison County attorneys are experienced in navigating DUI-related lawsuits. They will protect the interests of injured victims and the surviving family members of deceased victims. They will focus on gathering the proof necessary to establish negligence and on documenting the monetary value of damages sustained.

In cases in which a drunk driver caused serious injury or a loved one’s death, Illinois laws allow the injured victim or the surviving family to pursue a claim for punitive damages. This is in addition to any actual monetary damages sustained. Punitive damages are typically awarded upon a finding of gross negligence and/or reckless conduct and are meant to deter the defendant from engaging in similar negligent acts in the future.

The Johnston Law Offices PC in Illinois can pursue recovery of both types of financial damages on behalf a client. The firm can also assist with dealings and interactions with insurance companies who are known for attempting to obtain settlements that are not necessarily in the best interests of the victim. During such difficult times, the comfort of having someone advocate for a client who suffered the consequences of a drunk driving accident is invaluable.