Injured in a hit-and-run accident? Don’t lose hope

In any car crash, there is a risk of injury and property damage. This is why drivers must stay on the scene of an accident if there may be injuries or damage in excess of $1,500. In fact, it is a law in Illinois that parties must report these accidents.

Unfortunately, not everyone complies with this law and they leave the scene of a crash. In these cases, it is important for injured parties to not lose hope: There are ways to identify and find hit-and-run drivers.

Knowing where to look for information

Accident scenes can reveal much more about the people, conditions and vehicles involved than you might think. Therefore, recording as much information about the crash will be crucial.

  • Take pictures of the damage and the road conditions
  • Secure (or make sure police secure) any debris from the other vehicle
  • Record the names of any witnesses in the area as well as any descriptions they may have of the other driver
  • Review any video recordings, like dash cams, that may have recorded the crash
  • Keep careful notes on anything you remember, from what the other vehicle looked like to what happened in the moments before the crash

These details can shed some light on what happened and, more importantly, who was involved.

Utilizing the tools at your disposal

The aftermath of this type of accident can be chaotic and scary. Under such circumstances, you might forget or be unable to collect the evidence mentioned above. 

But there are other ways to collect pertinent evidence. Enlisting the services of an attorney and law enforcement agents can help you do this. For instance, they can contact witnesses, review surveillance recordings from the area and speak with an accident reconstructionist, which can all help to identify the fleeing party.

It can be very upsetting to be involved in a hit-and-run accident. Not only might you have injuries and property damage, but you can also be angry at the other party who fled the scene. However, with these suggestions and the help of an attorney, you may be able to identify and hold accountable the other party.