In a car accident because someone ran you off the road?

Single-vehicle collisions occasionally happen on Illinois roads. These accidents can happen for several reasons. One reason not commonly talked about is being run off the road. This happens more often than people think, and the victims of such events may suffer in a variety of ways. Anyone involved in a car accident after being run off the road by someone else may need assistance seeking compensation for their losses.

Sharing the road with other drivers can be a scary thing. It is impossible to trust what they will do when behind the wheel. For example, many drivers get distracted by things like electronic devices, passengers and food — among other things — and they can cause accidents without even knowing it. Distracted driving is believed to be the reason behind many run-off-the-road accidents.

When a driver runs someone off the road and leaves the scene, this is considered a hit-and-run accident even though their vehicle never made contact with the victim’s car. If the driver is caught, he or she may face criminal and civil consequences. The victim may file a personal injury claim against the individual believed responsible in order to seek relief for any economic and non-economic damages suffered. If the driver responsible is not found, the victim may have to file claims with his or her insurance provider to cover any losses.

Being run off the road by another driver is a frightening thing to experience. Any Illinois resident involved in such a car accident may be entitled to compensation for any resulting damages. How one goes about seeking relief depends on the details of one’s case. With the assistance of legal counsel, steps may be taken to seek maximum compensation through negotiation or, if necessary, litigation.