Illinois woman succumbs to car accident injuries

Illinois residents may share the concern of many others about the number of deaths that result from accidents that are caused by vehicles crossing over the center median. Despite one’s own vigilance, the actions of other drivers can never be anticipated. Crossing over into oncoming traffic could cause a car accident with devastating consequences.

A 46-year old woman and her husband from Bartonville were traveling in an SUV on a recent Saturday evening. Authorities reported that they were westbound on a road in Peoria County when an eastbound vehicle allegedly crossed over into the westbound lanes. The reason for the apparent crossing-over is not yet determined. The woman was apparently unable to avoid a collision and smashed head-on into the other vehicle.

The woman who was driving the SUV suffered critical injuries, and was transported to a medical center where she succumbed to her injuries a few days later. The media report mentioned no details about any injuries that may have been suffered by her husband or the other driver. An investigation is likely underway to determine the circumstances of the accident, as is the case in all fatal car accidents.

When a loved one has lost his or her life as the result of the negligent actions of another party, the surviving family will likely have to face the high costs of medical care and the subsequent funeral and burial. These unexpected expenses, along with the possible loss of income, may bring about financial difficulties. The family may want to pursue recovery of damages, and they retain the right to file a wrongful death claim in an Illinois civil court. Successful claims may result in a court awarding monetary judgment to cover the expenses that resulted from the tragic car accident.

Source:, “Head on Accident Turns Fatal”, , July 24, 2014