Illinois woman arrested for hit-and-run accident

For those who live in cities, sometimes it is just easier to walk to where one wants to go instead of drive. With the increase in gas prices as well as the probability of getting caught in traffic, walking seems to be a better alternative. However, when one is a pedestrian, one must be cautious to avoid being hit by cars. Illinois pedestrians could be involved in an accident, such as a hit-and-run accident, and one could be seriously injured or possibly even killed.

An Illinois woman has recently been arrested for a hit-and-run accident. A pedestrian was attempting to cross the street when a white Dodge hit the man and fled the scene. The man was taken to an area hospital and is said to be in stable condition.

Police found the car and arrested the driver a short time later. She has been charged with leaving the scene of a personal injury accident, driving with a suspended license, failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident and aggravated battery. It is not stated in the report whether or not alcohol was suspected to be a factor in the crash.

Investigations into the hit-and-run accident are still underway. Pedestrians attempting to cross the road typically have the right-of-way unless the investigation deems this to be a special circumstance. Even though the man did not seem to sustain serious injuries, he could still possibly be able to file an Illinois personal injury claim depending on the outcome of the investigation. If successful, this claim could compensate the man for hospital bills as well as punitive damages.

Source:, Woman charged in southern Illinois hit and run, Mason Stevenson, Sept. 16, 2013