Illinois traffic safety campaign to expand throughout 2019

A prominent Illinois safe-driving advocate says that some important numbers relevant to the state “mirror a trend” that is discernible nationally.

Looking into that mirror is disconcerting.

In fact, it is quite sad, given that the stressed focus of Guy Tridgell, the Department of Transportation communications director, is on vehicle-linked fatalities.

Here’s a number and related point passed along by IDOT officials: Reportedly, 1,047 people died on state roadways during 2018. That numbing piece of data, while obviously notable, is rendered especially sobering by this additional fact. Last year was preceded by two consecutive years in which more than 1,000 fatalities were also recorded.

The catalysts that contribute to Illinois’ high number of traffic-tied catastrophic injuries and deaths are varied. Drunk driving brings devastating consequences. So too do negligent behaviors like speeding and tailgating. In-cabin distractions are prominent and ever-growing.

One safety-enhancing strategy embraced by state officials is the coupling of education and public awareness. One notable example of that is the introduction last year of the “Life or Death Illinois” campaign. That effort seeks to deliver pointed messages concerning driving and road safety.

Program principals tout the traction gained by that initiative, and now seek to expand it materially during 2019. Throughout the year, IDOT will feature stories from accident survivors and family members on widely searched social media sites and on both television and the radio. Officials are hopeful that their real-life heartfelt messages concerning road dangers and the heightened need for safety will resonate deeply with a huge audience.

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