Illinois teen killed in hit and run car accident on I-88

Whenever a person plans to walk along Illinois roads, especially the highways, he or she may want to be mindful that it could be life-threatening. Just about every day, a news report chronicles a car accident involving a pedestrian. This certainly emphasizes the danger and the need for pedestrians and motorists to be alert. Understandably, pedestrians have no protection and such accidents are often fatal.

In the early evening on a recent Saturday, the Illinois State Police were called to the scene of a hit and run accident on I-88. As is often typical in such accidents, there were no witnesses. The public was requested to help police by supplying any available information. Law enforcement authorities found the lifeless body of a 17-year old boy who had been hit by a vehicle. An investigation is currently underway.

Investigators of the accident suggested that, from the minimal evidence at the accident scene, the fleeing driver’s vehicle could be an SUV or other full size vehicle. There was no evidence to indicate the suspected vehicle’s color, but it may be lacking a mirror on the left side, along with damage that may visible on the left headlight. A scheduled autopsy of the body may present more information.

Although the victim’s surviving family is likely in a state of shock after the shocking tragedy, they retain the right to pursue a claim for financial damages by filing a wrongful death claim in an Illinois civil court. If the claim is successfully traversed, the court may award a monetary judgment. While no money could ever change what happened in the car accident on that Saturday night, it may alleviate the financial hardship brought about by funeral and burial of the their loved one.

Source:, Police search for information in fatal I-88 hit-and-run, Thomas Geyer, March 9, 2014