Illinois pedestrian killed in alleged drunk driving accident

While authorities hold regular traffic stops to identify intoxicated drivers in an effort to reduce alcohol related accidents, there are daily media reports about motorists and pedestrians who lose their lives in accidents caused by drivers who are inebriated. Motorists have a duty to be watchful for pedestrians when they drive along Illinois roads. Unfortunately, even when pedestrians try to be careful while walking or jogging along the road, fatalities often occur as the result of a drunk driving accident which the victim could not have avoided.

Once a drunk driver has sobered up, he or she may have to cope with the realization that they were responsible for the death of another person. If proven guilty, a 44-year-old Illinois man who is facing aggravated DUI causing death charges may be burdened with that realization for the rest of his life. Police reported that he allegedly struck and fatally injured a male pedestrian while driving on a recent Wednesday evening.

It was reported that the injured victim was transported to a hospital, but succumbed to his injuries and was declared dead later that night. According to an autopsy report, the cause of death was multiple injuries. The alleged drunk driver was also admitted to the hospital with injuries sustained in the accident, but his two passengers suffered no injuries.

Illinois residents who have lost loved ones in a drunk driving accident may want to familiarize themselves with the legal options under state law. They may retain the right to file a wrongful death claim in a civil court, and could benefit from exploring the legalities of filing such a claim. In cases like this one, evidence will have to be presented to prove that the alleged drunk driver had caused or significantly contributed to the death of the pedestrian. Providing sufficient evidence may result in a court awarding monetary damages for medical, funeral and burial expenses that were brought about by the fatal accident.

Source:, “$180K bond for man charged with DUI after fatally striking pedestrian”,  April 12, 2014