Illinois motorcyclist sues drunk driver and bar after crash

When people are injured in car accidents in Illinois that are caused by drunk drivers, it is possible for them to hold the drunk driver accountable as well as any bar or establishment that over-served the driver. This is done by filing a personal injury claim, which can result in compensation for past and future medical expenses, lost wages and the other expenses related to the collision.

A Madison County man who was injured in a motorcycle accident last summer has filed a lawsuit against an alleged drunk driver, who was involved in the crash, and a bar & grill that may have over-served him.

The motorcyclist was actually injured in a solo accident, but he contends that it was a chain reaction crash caused by the earlier collision of a drunk driver. The motorcyclist was riding on Illinois Route 3 when he struck a downed traffic pole that was lying across the road near the intersection with Illinois Route 143.

He lost control of the bike and was thrown off of it after striking the traffic pole.

The traffic pole had been downed because a drunk driver had just crashed into it and then fled the scene, according to the motorcyclist’s lawsuit.

The motorcyclist is now accusing that driver of negligence, and also charging that a restaurant is liable for over-serving the man in violation of the Illinois Dram Shop Act.

The extent of the motorcyclist’s injuries is not detailed in a news report about the lawsuit, but motorcycle accident injuries are often severe.

He has requested upwards of $350,000 for his medical costs, lost wages and legal fees in the lawsuit that was filed last month in Madison County Circuit Court.

Source: The Madison-St. Clair Record, “Motorcyclist blames Pump House and driver for downed traffic pole,” Andrea Dearden, March 11, 2012