Illinois motorcycle accident leaves 1 dead and 1 injured

When an accident in Illinois involves a motorcycle and any larger vehicle, the resultant injuries are often much more severe for the motorcyclist than that of the vehicle driver or passengers. Although a helmet may reduce the risk of head and brain injuries in a motorcycle accident, the lack of further protection often results in severe back injuries, fractured bones and possible internal injuries. Such accidents can certainly cause life-altering injuries and even death.

In the early hours of a recent Sunday morning, a motorcyclist lost his life, and his passenger was injured after a collision with a car. The female passenger was transported to a nearby hospital where her condition was reported to be fair. The deceased motorcyclist was reported to have died from chest, head and abdomen trauma. A witness followed the driver of the vehicle, after he apparently left the accident scene, and alerted authorities.

The driver of the vehicle was allegedly impaired while driving, and a $150,000 bond was set the following day. In addition to facing aggravated DUI charges, police added multiple traffic citations to the list of charges. It was also established that the suspected drunk driver had been arrested on DUI charges twice before, of which one charge resulted in a conviction.

Illinois residents who have lost loved ones in a motorcycle accident, or suffered injuries in such an accident, may be facing financial difficulties after having to deal with medical or end-of-life costs. Not knowing how to go about claiming compensation for these costs, along with lost income and pain and suffering, may prevent victims or families to take action. However, they may make use of the available help to protect their interests and pursue full and fair restitution to which they may be entitled.

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