Illinois men killed in car accident, family sues

In certain cases, family members of those who die after a driver ingests too much alcohol have the right to sue establishments who may have served someone who was already visibly intoxicated. Two men from the same family lost their lives in one such fatal accident. Now, surviving relatives have filed a lawsuit in regard to the car accident that killed their loved ones. Not only is the other party being sued, but so is the club that served him drinks prior to the incident. It remains to be seen how this will play out in an Illinois courtroom.

According to reports, a man was out at a club where he was drinking. The club reportedly continued to serve his drinks until he left, but he did not leave with a designated driver. The man got behind the wheel of his vehicle and drove out into the road with other motorists. One of the motorists happened to be a male driver whom he eventually collided with.

The driver and another passenger died, while other occupants who were in the vehicle suffered injuries. Other details of how the accident happened have not been reported. The family members have sued for over $50,000. It’s not known if the other driver was arrested.

Drunk driving can lead to a dangerous and deadly car accident which can bring on a multitude of physical injuries and death. In addition to the deaths that occurred in this case, it’s likely that the injured parties suffered a large amount of suffering due to their injuries. Moreover, injured victims usually experience emotional trauma, especially when a family member has died right in front of them. As with this case, surviving family members may wish to pursue wrongful death litigation against the other party under our laws. Illinois victims who were injured have the same rights and may be awarded if evidence deems the other party’s negligence caused the death and/or injuries.

Source: Madison Record, Car accident resulting in two fatalities leads to civil lawsuit, Thomas Kallies, Jan. 16, 2014