Illinois man sentenced for role in drunk driving accident

Some people never learn from their mistakes. They mess up, ignore the consequences and continue on the path they’ve chosen. This can sometimes have disastrous results for the people with whom they come into contact. That was the case in a recent drunk driving accident caused by an Illinois man who had been arrested multiple times in the past for driving while drunk or without a valid driver’s license.

In his latest incident, police reports state the man had stolen a truck, which he was driving while intoxicated. His driver’s license had been revoked. For an unknown reason, the truck collided with another vehicle. The 65-year-old woman driving that car died immediately at the scene.

The man was sentenced recently in Illinois court. He received a 24-year prison sentence for driving drunk. He also received a sentence of 14 years for the theft of the truck he was driving at the time of the accident.

This was not the first time the man had a brush with the law. This incident was the fourth time he’d been arrested for driving after drinking more than the legal limit. He had also been arrested eight times previously for continuing to drive despite having a license that was either revoked or suspended.

It is truly unfortunate that the man did not quit drinking and driving when he was arrested the first time. If he had, this tragic drunk driving accident might not have ever happened. The family of the woman who died may want to consider further legal action like a wrongful death lawsuit. By holding the man responsible for his actions, they may be able to receive restitution for their loss.

Source:, Fatal Accident Results in 24 Year Sentence, No author, Dec. 30, 2013