Illinois man in critical condition after motorcycle accident

Motorcycles are all over the road during the summer months, as many individuals choose to get out in the fresh air to enjoy a ride on their beloved bike. Although most motorcycle riders take the necessary precautions to operate their bikes in a safe manner, they are still at risk of being involved in a motorcycle accident if other motorists do not see them in time. Illinois police recently responded to the scene of one such accident, where a man was taken to the hospital.

The accident occurred just after 5 p.m. Police stated that an SUV was pulling out of a parking lot when it struck a motorcycle that was traveling east. As a result of the crash, rescue officials were called to the scene. They transported the driver of the motorcycle to the hospital where he is being treated for serious injuries.

Police have stated that they are continuing to investigate the accident and that more information will be released shortly. It is unclear whether they intend to file any criminal charges in the matter. The identity of the driver of the SUV was not released and it is unclear whether they suffered any injuries.

As more information surfaces as to the details of this motorcycle accident, the cause may become clear. Ultimately, if a report is issued that points to a specific individual as being responsible for the crash, the other party involved may have the right to pursue a personal injury action in an Illinois court. This action may allow the victim to receive compensation for their injuries, which can give them the relief they need to focus solely on their recovery, not how they will are going to pay for it.

Source:, “Ashmore resident hurt in motorcycle-SUV accident in Charleston,” June 22, 2013