Illinois hit-and-run car accident nearly claims 3 lives

The responsibility that comes with operating a motor vehicle can be one that some people are not willing to deal with once an accident occurs. Drivers who are responsible for an accident where injuries occur should stay at the scene of the car accident until help arrives; however, this is not the case for some drivers. Hit-and-run accidents in Illinois can be particularly dangerous because the driver responsible for the crash is not always caught right away; this can cause longer investigations and a continued risk of more motor vehicle accidents.

A recent hit-and-run accident inside the city of Chicago left three people fighting for their lives. A mother, father and son were hit by an unidentified driver who fled the scene, leaving them at the scene of a horrific accident. The three family members were taken to two separate hospitals, all initially listed in critical condition.

The mother was last reported as still being in serious condition. The father and son were taken to a different hospital. The son was last listed in good condition and the father’s condition was reported to be fair. Although these three people were severely injured in the accident, the driver who caused the accident has not since been captured.

The police have reported that they have a description of the vehicle that fled the scene. Illinois drivers who cause a car accident where multiple serious injuries are sustained are at risk for more severe punishments from the state once they are detained. Thankfully, the family members seem to be doing better and, once the driver is obtained by police, each injured party may choose to file claims against him as well.

Source: CBS Chicago, Three Family Members Hospitalized After North Side Hit-And-Run, Mai Martinez, Dec. 23, 2013