Illinois family devastated in truck accident

It takes less than three hours to drive from Edwardsville to Savoy, Illinois. The village next to Champaign is in shock after news that four members of a family there were killed in a tractor-trailer crash in East Texas.

Officials said the 18-wheeler slammed into the rear of the minivan in which the family was traveling. A mother, her two-year-old daughter, six-year-old son and nine-year-old son were all killed in the interstate wreck near the town of Mount Pleasant.

Officials said the Tennessee driver of the semi-truck was also killed in the crash.

The 42-year-old minivan driver was reportedly the husband of the woman killed and the father of the kids who died.

A second big rig was also involved in the violent, chain-reaction crash. The driver of that truck and his passenger were both hospitalized with minor injuries, according to a news report.

Another 18-wheeler was also involved; its driver also suffered minor injuries.

According to a news report, a U-haul trailer had overturned on the interstate, blocking traffic just past seven in the morning. About an hour later, the three 18-wheelers failed to stop for the overturned trailer and clipped one another.

A fourth big rig missed them, but rammed the back of the minivan and smashed it between two of the other large trucks.

We do not yet know why the truckers failed to slow for the overturned U-haul. In many similar cases, drivers are distracted, paying more attention to electronic devices than the highway and traffic. In some truck-accident incidents, trucker fatigue plays a significant role.

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