Illinois drunk driving accident report not finalized after 1 year

After a family has lost a loved one in an accident, they may be struggling to find closure. An Illinois family who lost their child over a year ago are still awaiting the final investigation report from the police. State police reported that the reconstruction of the accident was delayed, but stated that they anticipated the accident report to be finished shortly. The family’s discontent stems from an alleged drunk driving accident that killed one of their two daughters.

In mid Feb. 2013, the family’s two daughters and a friend were on their way home. The one daughter was driving the vehicle and realized that she had lost her way. As she turned the car around, another car smashed into her car. She died on impact and the two passengers sustained serious injuries. The toxicology test of the other driver showed results of almost double the limit legally allowed.

The family remains inconsolable while they are awaiting the final accident report. Charges can not be filed against the alleged intoxicated driver until the investigation is finalized. In the interim, the family may also be suffering financial hardship due to the extensive burial costs of their one daughter and medical costs following the hospitalization of the other daughter.

Illinois residents who find themselves in a similar situation of trying to find closure after losing a loved one or having suffered injuries in a drunk driving accident, may have the right to file a wrongful death or personal injury claim in a civil court. Retaining legal help and obtaining the knowledge related to their rights under state laws may help them get closure. The court may also award monetary compensation to assist them in coping with their financial hardships following the tragic accident.

Source:, Accident victim’s mom says Illinois should be ‘ashamed’, Leisa Zigman, Feb. 19, 2014