Illinois drunk driving accident causes pedestrian death

As many readers know, drunk driving has impacted the lives of countless people throughout our state. Yet despite awareness and increasing crackdowns by law enforcement, people continue to get behind the wheel of their vehicles while they are intoxicated. Unfortunately, a pedestrian is now dead after a recent alleged drunk driving accident. The driver was taken into custody following the collision, and charges are pending. The Silvus Police Department, Illinois State Police and Rock Island County Coroner’s office are working together on the investigation.

The deadly accident occurred in Silvus at approximately 3 a.m. on Feb. 9. Details are scarce as to the circumstances involved in the crash. Reports indicate that a 54-year-old woman was struck by a Dodge Charger. An officer responding to the scene found her deceased.

The driver of the Charger was reportedly arrested for aggravated DUI and driving with a suspended license. He was booked into the Rock Island County Jail, where he was held without bond. Reports indicate that formal criminal charges may be filed against him once the Rock Island County State Attorney’s office reviews the case.

If the driver is charged for causing a drunk driving accident, it may help the victim’s family if they decide to pursue a wrongful death claim. In Illinois, such a claim may be successful if there is evidence that the death was caused by someone else’s negligence. If successful, the family may be awarded compensation to cover funeral and burial expenses as well as punitive damages. While pursuing such an action will not ease their grief, it may help them obtain some peace of mind and closure as they move on with their lives.

Source:, Silvis Police Investigating Deadly Car/Pedestrian Crash, No author, Feb. 9, 2014