Illinois couple victims of fatal motorcycle accident

Every day, thousands of motorcyclists ride alongside cars and trucks on busy highways and suburban streets. The vast majority of these motorcyclists are able to safely enjoy their ride as they commute to their destination. However, what begins as an enjoyable ride can turn tragic when the road is shared with a driver who is under the influence and thus impaired. An Illinois woman, who suffered serious injuries in a motorcycle accident that claimed the life of her husband two months prior, has now died.

Police stated that a driver under the influence made a turn and hit the motorcycle on which the woman was a passenger. The driver of the motorcycle — her husband — died at the hospital shortly after the September accident. The wife had suffered serious injuries and was placed in a rehabilitation program at a nearby hospital.

Police also stated that the driver who hit the motorcycle had attempted to leave the scene of the accident; however, witnesses prevented him from doing so. One driver’s negligence and impaired judgment has now claimed the lives of two victims in a fatal motorcycle accident. When such a negligent act results in fatalities, the victims’ families also suffer.

The family of someone lost in a fatal motorcycle accident in Illinois may decide to pursue a wrongful death claim against the person responsible for the accident. A successfully litigated claim could help with funeral expenses, medical expenses, and other financial losses that result from such a tragedy. While financial reimbursement will not change what has happened, it will provide the victim’s family with a sense of justice, along with the means to pay for expenses that result from a driver’s negligent act.

Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Woman dies months after Alton motorcycle crash that injured her, killed husband, Denise Hollinshed, Nov. 17, 2013