Illinois city considering solution after another bicycle accident

Illinois residents may share the concerns of residents of Bloomington over the number of serious accidents between cars and bicycles. After a recent bicycle accident — the second within a month — the cycling community wants to make sure the city follows through on proposed plans to build cycling lanes. The city is reported to be finalizing its master plan for cycling lanes.

Although plans have been approved to extend existing paths in a specific area, cyclists are asking for the expansion of cycling lanes in several areas. Motorists and cyclists have to abide by similar rules of the road. However, the number of accidents between cars and bicycles is thought to be much too high. It is felt that an extended network of cycling lanes may bring about a significant reduction in accidents. The vulnerability of bicycle riders who have very little protection — other than helmets — often lead to severe injuries and even death when struck by vehicles.

The Bloomington cyclists compared the availability of cycling lanes in their city to the network of cycling lanes, both shared and separate, that have been part of the traffic flow in the neighboring town of Normal for many years. They assert that the example of Normal should serve as an inspiration to show that bicycle riders and motorists can safely coexist in a city. As long as both parties follow all the rules, unnecessary injuries and fatalities may be avoided.

Residents of Illinois who have been injured in a bicycle accident that was caused by the negligence of another party reserve the right to pursue recovery of medical expenses and other damages that may accumulate to significant amounts. They are entitled to file a personal injury claim in a civil court. In cases where the negligence is properly and accurately documented, and the case is successfully presented, the court may award monetary judgment to cover all damages related to the unfortunate accident.

Source:, “Bloomington Approves Bike Lane Extension”, , Sept. 23, 2014