Illinois child severely injured in hit-and-run car accident

When a 12-year-old Illinois boy was recently struck by a car, his two friends did what had to be done. One called 911 while the other one tried to keep the seriously injured boy calm. The person who caused the car accident reportedly left the scene. Emergency workers arrived to find the child severely injured and rushed him to a hospital.

It was reported that the boy crossed the road on his bicycle on a recent Saturday afternoon heading to a park on the other side. The driver who struck him failed to stop and left the injured boy without checking on him. Police located the suspected hit-and-run driver later. The 34-year-old man is now facing charges of drunk driving and leaving the scene of an accident in which injuries were suffered. Furthermore, he was charged with driving without a driver’s license and driving without insurance.

The injured boy reportedly suffered fractures to his pelvis, both his legs and his skull; he also had facial nerve damage. Because of the severity of his injuries the boy was later airlifted to a children’s hospital where he reportedly remains in a critical condition. According to his guardian, he may never be able to walk or smile again.

The medical expenses following this tragic car accident will likely be substantial, and the child may need long-term treatment. His parents are entitled to pursue compensation on his behalf. The parents may pursue litigation by presenting sufficient evidence of negligence by the driver along with documented details of financial losses in an Illinois civil court. A successful presentation may lead to a monetary judgment to ease the unexpected financial burden.

Source:, “12-year old hit by driver accused of DUI”, Aaron Eades, Sept. 27, 2015