Illinois car accident injures 2 drivers

Distracted drivers are responsible for a significant number of Illinois auto accidents. It is not uncommon for some drivers to run stop signs merely because their minds are elsewhere, and they are not paying attention to the task at hand. Whatever the reason for a crash, the consequences can be life-changing. Car accident injuries often have significant financial and physical impacts on victims and their families.

Two drivers were hospitalized after a collision that occurred in Decatur in the early evening of a recent Wednesday. Macon County deputies reported that the crash happened at an intersection on Illinois 105 when a northbound pickup truck driver disregarded a stop sign on Prairie View Road. This apparently caused a collision with an eastbound vehicle in the intersection, and the impact reportedly sent both vehicles into a bolder that ultimately brought them to a halt.

Apparently, the truck driver had to be extricated from the vehicle. The drivers of both vehicles were then transported to a local medical facility with injuries of unknown severity. However, the report mentioned a possible fractured leg in the case of the driver of the car.

A car accident can cause serious injuries, including spinal cord and/or brain injuries, fractured bones and cuts and bruises. Victims may pursue financial relief by filing personal injury claims against drivers deemed negligent. For a lawsuit to be successful, negligence will have to be proved in an Illinois civil court. Once accomplished, the court consider a monetary award to cover medical and other losses sustained.

Source:, “Accident injures two at William Street and Prairie View roads“, Dec. 3, 2015