Illinois car accident: Cognitive distractions a real issue

In Illinois and elsewhere, it is common to find distracted drivers. They are usually pretty easy to spot as they can be seen talking or texting on their phones, grooming, eating or participating in various other activities that remove their fully attention from the road. Something not often talked about, though, are the distractions cannot be seen. Cognitive distractions can also lead to a car accident.

No one is immune to cognitive, also known as mental, distractions. Everyone has things that weight on their mind. While this form of distraction may not be physically visible as the driver will be staring at the road, his or her actions may suggest that his or her thoughts are not focused on the task at hand.

What happens when the mind wanders? Those whose thoughts are elsewhere are slower to react to the things going on around them. As one can travel a fairly significant distance in just a few seconds depending on his or her speed, a lot can happen before a mentally distracted driver notices or takes action. This is why, when behind the wheel, being mentally focused is just as important as being physically present.

Sadly, distracted driving has been the cause behind numerous accidents in Illinois. Some of these have resulted in victims suffering injuries, while others have resulted in fatalities. Following a car accident, if distracted driving in any of its forms is believed to have contributed, the victim or his or her family member may have legal recourse. With the assistance of an experienced attorney, compensation can be pursued by filing and litigating civil claims in court if taking such action is deemed appropriate.

Source:, “Distracted Driving“, March 18, 2017