How using ADAS can contribute to auto accidents

Advanced driver assist systems are being installed on all new vehicles and can be found on many makes and models currently on the road in Illinois. These devices are meant to keep people safe and reduce the number of auto accidents seen in any given year. Unfortunately, according to the AAA Foundation, they may be causing more problems instead.

It was recently reported that drivers who regularly use ADAS and are comfortable doing so are twice as likely to participate in distracted driving behaviors. Many of them can be seen texting or flat out not paying attention to the road. They are totally dependent on their vehicles to protect them from being involved in car accidents.

Why is this a bad thing? It is simple. Technology is not perfect. It is known to fail on occasion. Having a vehicle with advanced safety features should not be an excuse to disengage while driving.

The exact number of auto accidents that can be attributed to ADAS-related distracted driving has not yet been reported. Drivers with an ADAS in Illinois and elsewhere are just as often seen focusing on things other than operating their vehicles safely. Those who are injured in collisions with drivers they believe were distracted can certainly look into whether an ADAS was engaged in the responsible parties’ vehicles when the accidents occurred. It is just one more piece to the puzzle that may help victims as they seek compensation for their losses. Legal counsel will have the ability to assist one in asking the necessary questions in order to get answers that may help one prove his or her case for compensation.