How serious is it when a truck driver speeds?

Truck drivers in Illinois speed for many reasons. Tight schedules, the pressure to make deadlines on time and regulations that limit the number of hours they can work are all factors.

How dangerous is it when a truck driver speeds?

No matter the reason, truck drivers who drive at incorrect speeds can cause catastrophic injury or death to others. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that truck accidents resulted in over 3,900 fatalities and over 110,000 injuries in 2014.

What causes accidents when truck drivers speed?

Truck accidents can be devastating, particularly because of the larger weight and size of these commercial vehicles. The force of impact may be even greater whenever a truck driver is driving at increased speeds. Common causes of accidents when truck drivers speed include:

  • An inability to brake. It takes longer for trucks to brake and slow down than regular vehicles. Truck drivers who speed may not have enough time to respond when necessary.
  • Blind spots. Trucks have large blind spots on all sides. When truck drivers speed, they may lose sight of other drivers in their blind spots.
  • Inclement weather. When driving in poor weather conditions, like fog, snow, wind or rain, the road can be slippery and difficult to navigate. Truck drivers who don’t reduce their speeds in these conditions can slide into other drivers.
  • Heavy loads. If the materials that the trucks are transporting are loaded incorrectly, they can easily shift. If the driver is also speeding, he or she may not be able to safely maneuver the truck.

It’s never safe to speed, but many drivers are put in danger each day due to truck drivers who travel beyond the legal speed limits. While you may not be able to control how fast a truck driver is traveling, you can be more aware whenever you’re sharing the road with a truck.

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