How safe of a place is Illinois to drive?

Illinois didn’t fare terribly well in a recent set of safety rankings. However, one silver lining is that the rankings did point to the state standing out in one particular area of safety: road safety.

The report looked at five categories of safety: workplace safety, road safety, personal/residential safety, financial safety and emergency preparedness. Multiple factors were considered in each category. The states received a ranking in each of the five categories, along with an overall safety ranking.

Illinois’s overall safety ranking was in the bottom-half of states, coming in at No. 35. In most of the five categories, Illinois came either in the middle or towards the bottom.

However, something very different happened in the category of road safety. Here, Illinois was ranked one of the best states. Specifically, it was ranked No. 2 in the whole country in road safety.

Many things can impact how safe things are on the roads in a state. One is how common drunk driving is. Individuals who engage in drunk driving pose a major danger to everyone they share the road with. Drunk driving crashes can leave innocent individuals with injuries that they have to cope with for the rest of their life. Fair compensation can help victims with coping with such injuries. Drunk driving accident victims can seek out skilled legal help with fighting for such compensation.

Illinois had a very good showing when it comes to DUI in the report. This was one of the big contributors to its strong road safety rating. The state had the second lowest level of DUIs per capita in the nation.

What do you think? Do you feel Illinois is among the safer places to drive in the U.S.?