How is Volvo trying to prevent drunk driving accidents?

Every year, police officers in Illinois launch initiatives to curb the frequency of drunk driving. Now, automakers are joining the fight against driving while intoxicated. Volvo has announced that the manufacturer will be installing systems in its newer vehicles to help prevent people from engaging in drunk driving.

How is Volvo attempting to limit drunk driving?

To reduce motor vehicle accidents caused by drunk driving, newer Volvo models will come with a system that detects when the driver appears to be intoxicated. This system consists of cameras and sensors that monitor the driver while they’re in the vehicle. If they appear to be drunk, the car might slow down or even pull itself over and park in a safe place.

To determine if the driver is intoxicated, the vehicle will look for certain signs like the driver showing slow reaction times, repeatedly drifting across lanes or closing their eyes. This technology aims to keep the driver safe by getting them off the road if they’re not sober enough to drive. Additionally, this technology could keep other drivers safe by keeping drunk drivers off the highway.

Drunk driving remains one of the biggest causes of road fatalities in the United States. In 2017, over 10,000 people died in drunk driving accidents. Thousands more people suffered from injuries ranging from minor to severe.

How can car accident victims seek justice?

You shouldn’t be punished because another person chose to engage in drunk driving. Unfortunately, if you were hit by another person’s vehicle, you might end up paying for their mistakes. You could be suffering from extensive injuries as well as lost wages and a totaled vehicle. An attorney may help you assess the damage and file a lawsuit against the other driver to get the financial compensation that you deserve.