Hit-and-run auto accidents occur more often than people think

Following a car crash, it is common knowledge that all involved parties are to remain on the scene. Unfortunately, some people choose not to. Hit-and-run auto accidents occur more often than people think, in Illinois and elsewhere. These events can leave victims or — in the event of fatality — their surviving family members feeling lost and hopeless.

How often do such incidents occur? According to the AAA Foundation, these accidents take place every 43 seconds — roughly. This adds up to hundreds of thousands of hit-and-run collisions across the United States every year. About 2,000 people lose their lives in such incidents annually.

Anyone can be a victim of a hit and run, but studies have shown that in 70% of cases, the victims are males. Victims are often pedestrians, though sometimes they are passengers in the responsible party’s vehicle or the drivers or passengers of other automobiles. Hit-and-run collisions can happen anywhere, but they often occur on dark, lightly trafficked streets.

There are several reasons why the drivers responsible for hit-and-run auto accidents flee the scene. No matter their reason, it is wrong, and when found, they will be held accountable for their actions. Not only will there be criminal consequences, but civil consequences may also follow. According to the laws of Illinois, victims or their surviving family members may file legal claims against the responsible party in an effort to seek compensation for their losses. If the driver is not found, seeking relief from other sources — such as the victim’s own insurance provider — may be possible.