Get the physician assistance you need with workers’ comp

After an accident, people depend upon medical professionals to assist them with getting better and adjusting to a new physical wellbeing, if need be. In the case of a workers’ compensation claim, this relationship may become tainted.

Those employees who seek to get the most out of their claim must understand the various aspect of the process. There are a few things to keep in mind in regard to working with a workers’ comp physician.

Employee selection

According to the state of Illinois’ Workers’ Compensation Act, employees have the right to select the physician they seek treatment from. However, in order for full coverage, they cannot seek treatment from more than two doctors. Should the initial physician refer the employee to a specialist, that still counts as one selection. Those employees with a primary care physician may choose to go to them. Even if the employer has a PPO, an employee may opt out of utilizing the preferred providers, and that counts as one doctor selection.

Choosing quality

When people go to physicians, they are putting their lives in the hands of those professionals. As such, they should be careful to select physicians that they feel they can trust. Along with that, the physician should have a few positive characteristics, such as:

  • Extensive experience
  • Positive reputation
  • Strong communication skills

Depending upon the injury, it may be beneficial for the employee to choose a doctor who specializes in a certain type of treatment. Though employees should try to make their selection quickly, they should still do their homework and make sure the physician is a good fit.

Proper examination

Though the physician is a specialist, any examinations or treatments are essentially the employee’s choice. Therefore, patients should be vocal about any concerns they may have or questions about treatment. They may also request tests if they desire.

Knowing these facts can help employees cultivate positive relationships with their physicians and get the most out of those relationships. It may also be beneficial to review the workers’ compensation act to fully understand the rights and responsibilities of the employee.