Filing a claim after a car accident injury may be intimidating

It is not uncommon for victims of Illinois car accidents to suffer severe, and even debilitating injuries. While dealing with the realization that your injuries may affect the remainder of your life, there are likely other concerns that could exacerbate the stress levels. In addition to concerns about medical expenses and financial obligations, such as mortgage or rent, while you are unable to work due to your car accident injury, there may be questions about your eligibility for health and car insurance coverage.

A large number of car accidents result from negligent driving, and regardless of the care you take to be vigilant, other drivers may be distracted by their surroundings or mobile devices. Whether your injuries were caused by a distracted motorist, a speeding driver or a person driving under the influence, negligence will have to be evident if you want to pursue recovery of damages. How do you obtain the necessary evidence while fighting for your life?

Fortunately, injured car accident victims have the services of professionals available who are experienced in getting all their questions answered, while protecting their legal rights. Legal counsel will handle all the complicated insurance issues, along with gathering the necessary evidence on which to build your case. By obtaining detailed medical information, your attorney will fight for compensation for any medical treatment or surgical procedures that may follow the initial treatment.

You may rest assured that you will not be just another car accident injury victim, but your unique circumstances will determine how we approach a personal injury claim in Illinois. The way your life has been affected by the accident will play a significant role in the manner in which we pursue the maximum recovery of damages. Visiting our car accident injury website may be a step in the direction of having your rights protected and your case handled professionally.

Source:, “Edwardsville Car Accident Attorney“, , Sept. 9, 2014