Father dies in motorcycle crash 9 months after daughter’s death

The father of a young Illinois woman who was killed in an apparent drunk driving accident in January lost his own life in an accident on a recent Saturday afternoon. This tragedy occurred less than two months after the deceased man’s wife filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the person who was allegedly responsible for the accident in which their daughter was killed. Three bars that allegedly served alcohol to that driver on the night of their daughter’s death were also named in that lawsuit. The motorcycle crash that killed the father occurred almost exactly nine months after his daughter’s death.

The Illinois State Police reportedly responded to a call about a multi-injury accident on Route 3, near Rockwood, and found two motorcycles and three injured individuals at the scene. A preliminary accident report indicates that a 27-year-old biker stopped as he was heading north on Route 3 and then proceeded to make an illegal U-turn. When a 53-year-old motorcyclist came around a bend, the turning motorcycle was directly in his path, and he crashed into it.

The first biker and his 34-year-old passenger were transported to a hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries, and fire fighters stabilized the second motorcyclist. He was airlifted to a medical facility with a reported traumatic brain injury, but he succumbed to his injuries after he was admitted to the hospital. The accident investigation is ongoing, though the other motorcyclist has been cited for not having an M-class certification and for making an illegal U-turn.

As in the case of her daughter’s death, the wife of the man who lost his life in this motorcycle crash may pursue financial relief to assist with the high costs of end-of-life arrangements. Evidence of negligence on the part of another party is required to litigate a wrongful death claim in an Illinois civil court. Successful presentation of such claims may result in monetary compensation for documented financial losses.

Source: randolphcountyheraldtribune.com, “Red Bud man fatally injured in Rockwood wreck”, Pete Spitler, Oct. 4, 2015