Fatality statistics regarding motor vehicle accidents

Motor vehicle accidents are, unfortunately, a daily occurrence in Illinois and throughout the country. Individuals who work for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have the duty to collect statistics regarding fatalities in these accidents. To learn more about these fatality statistics, you may be interested in reading about the past two years of motor vehicle accidents.

2019 statistics

One positive piece of information is that fatalities of motor vehicle accidents did decline in 2019 from the previous year. Statistics from the year include:

• 36,096 total fatalities
• 1.10 per 100 million fatality rate
• 5,005 fatalities involving tractor-trailers
• Passenger fatalities down 2.8%, motorcycle riders 0.5%, pedestrians 2.7% and bikers 2.9%

2020 Statistics

The administration has statistics for the first half of 2020. Possibly due to fewer cars being on the road, there were fewer fatalities for the latest quarter as well. Statistics include:

  • 8,870 total fatalities in the second quarter
  • 1.25 per 100 million fatality rate

There is more information to come for this year. The new information will include statistics from the third and fourth quarters of 2020 when it is available.

How trends are calculated

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration always works with partners to understand traffic trends and patterns that involve motor vehicle accidents. In 2020, for instance, the administration saw a change in behaviors such as more drug and alcohol use while driving and faster speeds. The administration uses information about these trends and statistics to help make driving safer for everyone through proactive measures so that there are fewer fatalities.

What to do if you are in a motor vehicle accident

After you’ve been in a motor vehicle accident, you may have mounting medical bills and other losses, and you have a right to compensation from the at-fault party. You may want to contact a lawyer who works in personal injury for help.