Fatal car accident after semi allegedly knocks 1 car into another

Sharing Illinois roads with large commercial trucks will always put those in passenger vehicles at a risk. A fatal car accident in Cook County recently claimed the life of a Chicago woman. Reportedly, a semi truck and another car were also involved in the crash.

The accident reportedly occurred in the village of Stickney shortly after noon on a recent Wednesday afternoon. A 53-year-old man was driving east in the turn lane of South Harlem Avenue when his car was hit by a northbound semi truck. It is alleged that the truck driver was switching lanes when he struck the car. The impact caused the car to careen into the lane of the southbound traffic, where another car smashed into its passenger side.

The driver of the car that was struck by the semi suffered non-life threatening injuries, and he was transported to the hospital. However, the impact on the passenger side caused fatal injuries to the 54-year-old woman who was in the passenger seat. Her death was pronounced upon arrival at the hospital. Neither the semi truck driver nor the driver of the other car suffered injuries that required medical care.

Both the injured driver and the family of the deceased victim of the car accident may pursue financial relief through the Illinois judicial system. The injured driver may file a personal injury claim, and a wrongful death claim may be filed by the surviving family members of the deceased passenger. Prior to considering any monetary judgment, the civil court will require sufficient evidence of negligence to determine financial liability. The semi truck driver who is deemed responsible for this tragic accident along with his or her employer or separate owner of the semi truck may be named as defendants in both the lawsuits.

Source: CBS Chicago, “Chicago Woman Killed In West Suburban Car Crash“, Jan. 27, 2016