Fatal bicycle accident: Dump truck strikes teen in crosswalk

Losing a child in a road accident is naturally an extremely traumatic experience for the surviving family members. The same distress is often experienced by the person whose apparent negligence caused the fatality. This was reportedly the case when a 13-year-old Illinois boy was killed in a bicycle accident on a recent Friday afternoon.

The fatal accident reportedly occurred in Burbank shortly before 2:30 pm. According to a police report, the teenager rode his bike on the eastbound sidewalk of 87th Street. A 69-year-old driver of a dump truck reportedly approached in a cross street and made a right turn onto 87th Street. He apparently failed to notice that the bicyclist had — by that time — entered the crosswalk.

The impact of the dump truck hitting the bicyclist caused the death of the child. The dump truck driver was reportedly traumatized because he is also a father. The driver was transported to a medical center where blood and urine samples were taken for toxicology tests. A police report indicates that the dump truck driver was cited for a traffic violation, but more serious charges may follow if toxicology tests show impairment.

Regardless of whether criminal charges are filed against a person deemed responsible for a fatal bicycle accident, the surviving family members may pursue financial relief through the civil justice system. A wrongful death claim may be filed against the person deemed responsible in an Illinois civil court. In a case like this one, the owner of the dump truck may also be named as a defendant. While no monetary judgment can bring back a beloved child, it may ease the financial burden brought about by the end-of-life expenses. Recovery of documented emotional damages may also be claimed.

Source: Oak Lawn, IL. Patch, “‘A Tough, Horrific Day:’ Driver Devastated By Accident That Left 13-Year-Old Boy Dead, Police Say“, Lorraine Swanson, June 4, 2016