Family’s persistence leads to charge for hit-and-run car accident

The family of an Illinois motorcyclist refused to accept police reports that suggested he was responsible for the July accident that caused his catastrophic injuries. The victim and his loved ones finally saw results from their efforts when a driver was recently arrested on suspicion of knocking him down and then leaving the scene of the car accident. The 25-year-old motorcyclist was unable to communicate immediately after the accident, and officers apparently made their own conclusions without bothering to interview him..

The motorcyclist has since undergone four surgical procedures to repair leg, clavicle, arm and hand fractures. Steel rods and plates that caused stiffness and pain for months were inserted to facilitate the healing process. Although his employment insurance covered almost $200,000 in hospital bills, he remains responsible for deductibles, medication and other related bills that continue to arrive. However, he is grateful to be able to move about with a cane after being confined to a wheelchair after he was released from the hospital.

A former accident reconstructionist reportedly took another look at the accident report and determined that the prior conclusions were inconsistent with a single-vehicle crash. An interview with the woman who initially reported the accident led officers to a driver who they subsequently arrested. It is alleged that he turned into a driveway in front of the motorcycle, causing the bike to strike the side of the car. The driver is now facing a felony charge for hit-and-run and a misdemeanor charge of driving on a license that was revoked.

A person who has suffered injuries in a car accident that were caused by the apparent negligent actions of another party may pursue financial aid. A successful result may help cover all those unbudgeted expenses that were brought about by the crash. A personal injury claim may be filed in an Illinois civil court. In those instances where a claim is properly navigated, the court may award monetary compensation for documented financial losses that are recognized by applicable laws.

Source:, “Family who pushed police to reinvestigate motorcycle crash finds relief with arrest“, Elise Schmelzer, Sept. 8, 2015