Excessive speed on icy roads may lead to a car accident

Many people in Illinois will remember the winter of 2013-2014 for many years. The exceptionally cold, snowy weather affected the entire state. Extreme weather conditions pose many hazards, and extra care is necessary whenever motorists take to the road. Freezing rain and sleet often cause ice layers on the roadway, and the slightest driver error could result in a car accident.

Many people believe that car accidents on icy roads are always caused by reckless or inexperienced drivers, while excessive speed remains detrimental in icy road conditions. Marketing campaigns often show vehicles traveling at high rates of speed through snow, misleading motorists to believe that modern vehicles are equipped with the necessary safety equipment and tires to allow safe driving at high speeds. Regardless of the safety technology your vehicle is equipped with, losing control can happen in a split second.

It has been reported that traveling at a speed exceeding 45 mph in hazardous weather conditions renders your vehicle unstable, and just touching the accelerator or brake could lead to fishtailing and total loss of control. By traveling at a lower rate of speed and keeping a proper following distance, you may be able to slow down without braking when emergencies occur. Lower speeds will also lead to lower impact and less serious injuries if you do smash into something.

Illinois motorists who have suffered injuries in a car accident that was caused by negligent driving of another party may be facing high medical costs as a result of the injuries. In order to build a strong case for a personal injury claim in a civil court, you may benefit from the knowledge of an experienced personal injury attorney who will have the resources to investigate the accident for proof of alleged negligence. Efficient legal representation in court may lead to a monetary judgment that will cover not only medical expenses, but also additional damages allowed by appropriate state laws.

Source: icyroadsafety.com, “No vehicle can safely go highway speeds on icy roads”, Dan Robinson, Nov. 7, 2014