Drunk driving-related accidents a real issue in Illinois

Every year, numerous Illinois residents suffer injuries or lose their lives in accidents caused by impaired drivers. The losses suffered by surviving victims, their families and the families of those who fail to survive can be significant. Thankfully, following drunk driving-related accidents, victims and/or their loved ones may be entitled to seek compensation through legal means.

How bad is this issue, really? According to the Illinois Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, roughly 47% of all auto accident fatalities occurring in the state can be attributed to alcohol use. Again, that is just fatalities. Many more people suffer injuries in crashes involving drunk drivers.

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a serious crime. Those individuals who drive while impaired and cause collisions that injury or kill their victims are likely to face severe consequences, as is only right. However, while holding these drivers criminally responsible may bring a sense of justice, it will not help victims or their loved ones cover their losses. Those who would like to seek monetary damages for their losses will have to do so through the civil court system. 

Illinois residents who have been injured or lost loved ones in drunk driving-related accidents can turn to legal counsel for assistance seeking relief for their losses. This may be done through negotiations with insurance providers, or it may require litigation — every case is different. Recoverable damages may include medical expenses, lost wages, funeral costs, loss of companionship, and pain and suffering — among various others.