Drunk driving accident kills elderly Illinois couple

When driving a car, there are many safety hazards that one must look out for and avoid. A good driver is also constantly aware of the other cars on the road as well as any hazards that may be in the road. There are certain maneuvers and precautions that one can take to prevent accidents due to these other roadway hazards. However, one factor that cannot be warded against is the erratic actions of a drunk driver. One Illinois elderly couple was recently killed due to a drunk driving accident.

At 7:36 p.m., the husband and wife were traveling on a an Illinois highway. A man in a pickup truck apparently ran a red light and hit the couple’s car. The husband, who was driving the car, was pronounced dead at the scene. The wife later died from her injuries while in the hospital.

The report does not state what the other driver’s exact blood-alcohol content was, but it is said to have confirmed that the man was intoxicated at the time of the crash. He was arrested for felony aggravated DUI causing death as well as a misdemeanor DUI charge. He is being held at a $200,000 bond.

The family of the elderly couple is undoubtedly shocked and upset at the result of this drunk driving accident. As they follow the progress of the official investigation, the family has the legal right to file an Illinois wrongful death lawsuit against the driver accused of running the red light, as well as against any separate owner of the vehicle he was operating. A successfully navigated claim may provide the family with financial restitution for the monetary damages that typically accompany these types of tragedies.

Source: CBS Chicago, $200K Bond For Man Charged In DUI Crash That Killed Elderly Couple, No author, Sept. 29, 2013