Drunk driving accident claims life of Illinois pedestrian

Two Illinois men recently made life altering decisions. One man made the decision to walk south along Route 157. The other man decided to drive after he had been drinking. The result of these two decisions was a drunk driving accident that claimed the life of the pedestrian.

Police state that they were responding to a report of a drunk driver in a white minivan. Before police could stop the driver, he hit a pedestrian on Illinois Route 157. It is reported that the minivan ran off the side of the road and continued moving for almost 100 yards. The unfortunate victim died at the scene of the accident.

The decision to drive a vehicle carries with it a multitude of responsibilities. One of these responsibilities is to know when it is best not to drive. After a person has been drinking, the best decision would be to refrain from getting behind the wheel of a car. However, it appears that the decision to drink and drive was made, and the result is a fatal accident involving a pedestrian.

The driver of the vehicle is now facing felony charges as a result of this drunk driving accident. If the driver is convicted of a crime connected to the death of the pedestrian, the victim’s family may offer proof of that conviction as evidence of the driver’s negligence. If negligence is proven in a wrongful death claim, the family may receive a monetary award for the damages that inevitably accompany such a tragic loss, including funeral and burial expenses.

Source: kmov.com, Belleville man charged for deadly accident on Route 157, No author, Nov. 29, 2013