Driving tips for teens

Teen drivers are considered the most likely group to be involved in motor vehicle accidents. When immaturity is combined with a lack of driving experience, bad things tend to happen. There are some tips you should consider sharing with your Illinois teen driver.

Avoid driving with other teens

As much fun as it can be for a teen driver to pick up his or her friends, consider placing restrictions on letting your teen drive with other teens. Before your teens begin driving their friends all around town, make them spend some time driving alone or with an adult to establish that they can handle the responsibility associated with operating a vehicle.

Minimize distractions while driving

Time spent in a vehicle is ripe with the possibility for distractions. Teens who try to drive while texting, making phone calls, putting on makeup, or engaging in other dangerous behaviors are significantly more likely to be involved in accidents. Make sure that your teen knows that when he or she is driving, 100% of his or her focus should be on the road.

Seat belts save lives

Other than New Hampshire, every state in the U.S. has laws in place that mandate seat belts. Make sure that your teen understands how important seat belts are in saving lives while driving.

As a guardian, you are always going to worry about your teen while he or she is on the road. However, there are basic steps they can take to minimize the chances of being involved in a car accident. Make sure your teen understands these tips before giving him or her the keys. If an accident does occur, you may want to speak to an attorney to handle the legal ramifications of the incident.