Driving behaviors that make trucks more dangerous

The trucking industry is growing, and, as a result, the highways in Illinois are filled with large commercial vehicles. Unfortunately, sometimes truck drivers make dangerous mistakes that put everyone at risk. There are a few driving behaviors that can make trucks especially dangerous.

Changing lanes too much

Trucks are much longer than regular vehicles, they require more stopping distance and they have a lot of blind spots. All of these issues make it trickier to change lanes in a truck. A trucker that changes lanes excessively may forget to signal in time or to check blind spots. These trucking mistakes could be devastating for the occupants of a small passenger car nearby.

Driving faster than the speed limit

Due to the inherent dangers of large trucks, truckers must drive slower than other cars on the road. However, sometimes truckers disobey the speed limit because they are trying to make their deliveries on time. Speeding in a truck can be extremely dangerous since truckers can’t come to sudden stops like car drivers can.

Not getting enough sleep

Driving a truck often involves really long hours in all different weather conditions. Truckers may also have to drive at night, depending on how their pick-ups and deliveries are scheduled. It is vital that a person who is doing such a dangerous job gets sufficient sleep. When a trucker is fatigued from lack of sleep, he or she could make dangerous driving errors.

How can injured truck accident victims recover financially?

Truck accidents can be devastating both physically and financially. Injured victims are often left wondering how they will pay for a totaled car, months of lost wages, and huge medical bills. By filing a personal injury claim with the help of an attorney, a truck accident victim may be able to recover compensation for these damages.