Do work zones require driving adjustments?

Wherever construction takes place throughout Illinois, drivers may need to navigate through construction zones. Signs typically suggest that drivers slow down and proceed with caution, and a cautious driver may be able to avoid an accident while traveling near equipment and workers. Constructor workers might injure drivers as well, so all parties need to adhere to safety procedures.

Traveling in a controlled, alert manner

When driving through a work zone, a driver can cut down on the chances of an accident by operating the vehicle slowly. When a worker holds up signs that say “Slow” or “Stop,” paying attention to those signs could prevent an accident. A driver who speeds past the worker with a stop sign and crashes into a dump truck backing out onto the highway might be responsible for any property damage or injuries.

Workers could falter when doing their part, too. If a truck backs up too fast and fellow workers provided no cautions, then the person driving down the road may have a claim against the truck driver and the employing company.

Ultimately, driving or operating machinery with an eye on safety helps cut down on the chances of accidents. Deliberately violating traffic laws, such as speeding, could make defending a negligence claim challenging.

Other aspects of good driving behavior

Smart and safe driving behaviors prove more valuable when dealing with potentially dangerous work zones. Drivers should think about their travel times: Congested rush hour traffic could bring more risks, so why not avoid rush hour if possible?

Other good habits might increase safety. Avoiding gawking at workers and their machines could help. Distracted driving practices won’t help, but maintaining safe following distances likely will. A little patience may go a long way, too.

motor vehicle accident in a work zone could lead to property damage and injuries. Drivers and workers need to behave responsibly, or they risk putting themselves and others in danger. An individual who was hurt in an accident may choose to speak to a personal injury attorney about their legal options.