Do lane changes cause accidents?

Commercial trucks are some of the most dangerous vehicles on the road in Illinois. They’re much larger and heavier than passenger vehicles and frequently contain several tons of cargo. While they have a right to the road like everyone else, it’s their responsibility to take extra precautions when they’re driving on the highway, especially when they’re changing lanes in front of other vehicles.

Does changing lanes lead to accidents?

Everyone has to change lanes at some point during their journeys. However, if the driver’s not paying attention, simple lane changes can lead to accidents. Trucks take up much more space than passenger vehicles, meaning they have larger blind spots. If a truck tries to change lanes in front of a passenger vehicle, it could easily hit the vehicle behind it. This truck could even cause a chain reaction with multiple vehicles.

To avoid causing an accident, truck drivers should avoid changing lanes as much as possible. Making the move is acceptable sometimes, but they shouldn’t change lanes unless the switch is absolutely necessary. By staying in the same lane, trucks reduce their risk of hitting another person’s vehicle. Trucks remaining in a lane also makes the overall driving experience easier and more comfortable for other people on the road.

What can you do if you’re hit by a truck?

Your vehicle is only a fraction of the size of a commercial truck. If you’ve driven next to a large truck, you know how nerve-wracking it is when the vehicle changes lanes in front of you. And if the trucker’s not paying attention, the truck could sideswipe your vehicle, run you off the road, or smash right into your vehicle. If you’ve been involved in a lane change accident, you can call an attorney to help you hold the driver and their trucking company accountable for the wreck.