Do I need an attorney for my workers’ compensation claim?

A workplace accident in Illinois has left you severely injured, unable to work for at least several months and struggling to provide for your family. As stressful as this situation may seem, you are losing sleep at night wondering if you would be better off hiring an attorney for your workers’ compensation claim. 

Even though an attorney can improve the chances of your claim being approved, it is not always necessary to hire one. However, since your injuries are serious and you are unable to return to work anytime soon, the likelihood of complications occurring that could result in the reduction or denial of your workers’ compensation benefits are higher. Here are some reasons why you may be better off working with an attorney: 

Protects your right to receive fair compensation 

Your employer could deny the accident occurred, refuse to accept liability or not agree with your version of events. Many employers do this because workplace accidents and workers’ compensation claims lead to higher premiums. To reduce the amount they must pay, employers deny your claim in hopes that you will not appeal their decision. Many who are initially denied benefits do not file appeals even though they are eligible to. If your claim is denied, you should consider hiring an attorney to help with your appeal and protect your right to compensation. 

The insurance company does not want to pay 

Most workers’ compensation attorneys do not charge for their services up front. They understand their clients are dealing with their recoveries, changing lifestyles and mounting medical expenses. When it comes to serious injuries and disabilities that arise from workplace accidents, insurance companies might try to lowball you, doing everything they can to get you to accept a lesser settlement. An attorney can counter such actions and fight to get you a fair workers’ compensation settlement. 

Workers’ compensation claims are not always immediately approved. Even if you think your case is an open and shut one, you should not take chances. An attorney is an invaluable resource to have who can help you get the compensation you deserve so you can regain control of your finances, health and life.