Death after a car accident at dangerous Illinois crossing

When one particular intersection on a highway proves to be extremely dangerous and is regularly the location of a serious car accident, action should be taken. County and city officials have requested a safety assessment of an intersection on Illinois 13 after a fatality recently resulted from a car accident at the dangerous crossing. The Illinois Department of Transportation agreed to study the junction for possible suggestions to improve safety.

Since its opening in 2012, this intersection has reportedly been the cause of multiple accidents that resulted in serious injuries. According to authorities, there had been four accidents at this intersection in five weeks. It was recently reported that a victim of a collision that occurred on March 4 had died as a result of injuries sustained in that accident. Two other people were also seriously injured in the same accident.

Subsequently, one more seriously injured victim was admitted to the hospital following another accident at that location. Most of these accidents seem to happen when drivers try to join the six lanes of highway traffic from a side road. Suggestions to install traffic lights there have been submitted. A local sheriff expressed his satisfaction about the upcoming assessment and said that he was looking forward to discussing solutions to make the intersection safer.

Individuals who have sustained injuries or have lost loved ones in a car accident on Illinois roads where the crash occurred as a result of the negligence of another party retain the right to file personal injury or wrongful death claims in a civil court. Victims of such accidents, or the relatives of those who lost their lives, may be awarded monetary restitution if the claims are successfully litigated. Although nothing can change the distress of what happened, the money awarded may contribute to the settlement of medical, end-of-life and other costs brought about by the accident.

Source:, Another wreck at Harrisburg intersection, Nick Mariano, March 18, 2014