Crystal Lake pedestrian severely injured in car accident

Illinois pedestrians are always vulnerable, because they are unlikely to wear any protective gear. When a pedestrian is struck by a car, it is not only the impact of the car that causes injuries, but also the impact of the pedestrian striking the ground. Injuries suffered by pedestrians who are involved in a car accident are often catastrophic injuries, and in some cases they are even fatal.

Emergency crews in Crystal Lake attended to a pedestrian accident that occurred in the mid-afternoon of a recent Thursday. Initial police reports say that a 39-year-old pedestrian was knocked down by a vehicle as she entered the roadway. It is unclear whether her intention was to cross the street or whether she was in a crosswalk. After the impact, the injured victim reportedly landed on the pavement.

Police say the victim was airlifted to a medical center for treatment of multiple injuries. No information about her condition was provided prior to the media report. An accident investigation is ongoing to determine the circumstances of the accident. This will also determine whether any charges will be filed.

Illinois drivers are expected to yield to pedestrians. When a pedestrian suffers injuries in a car accident, the resulting medical costs can be astronomical, and he or she may want to pursue compensation. However, for this to be successful, negligence on the part of the driver will have to be shown. Once sufficient evidence is obtained, a personal injury claim may be filed in a civil court. If a monetary judgment is awarded, it may cover medical expenses, along with other documented losses.

Source:, “Pedestrian hit by car in Crystal Lake“, Melissa Silverberg, Jan. 29, 2015