Cross-over driver allegedly kills 2 in motorcycle accident

There are multiple reasons for drivers to lose control of their vehicles. In many cases, it is caused by distractions. However, when a car goes off the road, drivers instinctively try to steer their vehicles back on to the pavement. This often causes over-correction that can have devastating consequences. A recent fatal motorcycle accident is believed to have been caused by such circumstances.

The Illinois State Police reported that they were investigating an accident that occurred on a recent Monday evening. According to a preliminary accident report, a 37-year-old man was traveling on IL 37 in Marion County, not far from Kell. The driver over-corrected after losing control of his car.

Reportedly, he veered across the center line and entered the lanes of oncoming traffic. The car smashed into two motorcycles. The riders of the one bike — a 50-year-old man and his 49-year-old passenger — suffered fatal injuries, and both died at the accident scene. The other motorcycle’s operator was alone on the bike, and he was rushed to a hospital with undisclosed injuries.

The loved ones of the two people who died in this motorcycle accident will likely have to cope with the high costs of end-of-life arrangements. They will be entitled to pursue recovery of financial and emotional losses by filing wrongful death claims in an Illinois civil court. The injured victim who was on the other motorcycle may also pursue financial relief by filing a personal injury claim. Documented claims for financial and non-economic losses will be considered by the court once negligence on the part of the driver has been established.

Source:, “Couple killed when car hits 2 motorcycles”, Betty Simpson, May 31, 2016