Construction zone driving safety tips

Construction workers go the extra mile to improve road conditions in Illinois so millions of drivers can enjoy safer roadways. A smooth road with no potholes and with brightly colored signage helps drivers arrive to their destinations with greater safety. However, getting that well-kept road takes a lot of time and usually a lot of construction.

Slow down and pay attention

Always expect the unexpected whenever road construction is happening. Pay extra attention to things like:

  • Reduced speed limits
  • Vehicles or workers on or near the road
  • Different-than-usual traffic lanes
Obey the flagger’s directions

Road construction car accidents often happen because drivers fail to obey the flagger’s directions. Be prepared to comply with all directions the flagger provides. Keep in mind that in a construction zone, you can receive a traffic ticket for disobeying a flagger’s instructions.

Exercise caution when changing lanes

If you see flashing arrows or a “lane closed ahead” sign, merge as soon as possible. Don’t wait until the last second and try to make your way into the new lane. When merging into a new lane, turn on your blinker and wait for a few seconds to give other drivers enough time to see you. If every driver cooperates, traffic will move much more efficiently.

Don’t follow other vehicles too closely

One of the most common causes for accidents in work zones is rear-ending another vehicle. Leave several seconds of braking distance between you and other drivers.

Construction zones are dangerous to navigate at any time of the year. Follow these construction zone driving safety tips to make sure you and construction workers stay safe. Increasing safety in work zones is up to you and others who share the road. Do your part to strive for safety by practicing the above tips, but if an accident occurs, you can contact an attorney who may be able to help you navigate the legal process.